Welcome to the WebDNA Open Source Project!

Project Repositories:

forum: http://svn.webdna.us/svn/forum
  - A general functional open source forum - code name: graphite
database tool: http://svn.webdna.us/svn/databasetool
  - A database manipulation tool - currently under design
Other open: http://svn.webdna.us/svn/webdna_oepn
  This is a general repository for many miscellanious projects such as:
      - Function Libraries
          Image Magick
      - RPX Login
Closed: http://svn.webdna.us/svn/webdna_closed
  - A more secure general repository for more sensitive projects.
WebDNA repository basics:
The URL's above are provided mainly to let a developer visualize the source tree easily. They are not really meant as a download for the source files (though you are free to do so). Rather, we will post *stable* compressed file versions of the source for these projects as they become available.

WebDNA's repositories use SVN (subversion) to manage the source. It is the developers responsibility to learn SVN if they want to be a part of WebDNA's open source projects.

Click here for a good reference about SVN.

SVN works by allowing interested developers all over the world to work on projects together, largely on the "honor system". Each developer checks out a local copy of the source to work with on their local development environment. (please click the link above for more info on how SVN usually works)

A reminder: It is wise to do an "svn update" to make sure you are working with the latest files. This, or an "svn st" will show you potential conflicts. You can either talk with the developers on the HTML forum to resolve a conflict, or contact 'support(at)webdna.us' to help resolve them.

Developers who want to get involved, please send a message to 'support(at)webdna.us'.

If you are a developer, you will be given access to a protected category on the HTML Forum where discussions can be had about the different projects.